Saturday, February 1, 2003

Sell Out or Die Trying

Dear Friends,

  It has recently come to my attention that certain bands who run in similar circles have taken to challenging their fans to compete in ping pong tournaments. Vic Kardell from promos asked me to try to set something like that up this month. Forget it, Vic. You should know by now that Hard Taco is about the music and the music only. The day I play ping pong against some stupid fan is the day I lay down my guitar forever. We talked it over this morning and the rest of the band feels the same way. If you want, we will do a few publicity shots holding paddles, but there's no way we will actually play ping pong against people we've never met before.

  February's song is called "The Loser's Union." I may have put the apostrophe in the wrong place, but it's way too late to change that now. I don't think it really affects the message of the song, which is, as of this moment, that I will not prostrate myself before a bunch of whiny teenagers for the sake of some dirty money ping pong competition.

With warmest regards,