Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Cor Blimey!

Dear Friends,

The Hard Taco song this month, "Maggie and Midge," is an entire musical tracing the events surrounding the mysterious disappearance and reappearance of Margaret Thatcher in the summer of 1985.

“Maggie and Midge” is already creating a buzz in the UK, and it has been reviewed by both the London Times and an East End Cockney newspaper called the Bethnal Green Register. Here is the synopsis of the storyline, as it appears in the London Times:

"Maggie and Midge is a succinct musical programme set in swinging London. Midge is a rattleboned guttersnipe, scraping out a haggard living in a Doffe Shoppe in West Wickham.  Margaret is a silver-tongued politician jaded by years of buttering up the peacocky peerage and overwhelmed by affairs of state. As it happens, they are physically indistinguishable! This rollicking tale of mistaken identities lifts the spirits and asks the time-honored question... what's all that then?"

Here is the same synopsis, as it appears in the Bethnal Green Register:

"Oia, love shite! Maggie and Midge is a Rory McGraff made by some septic not on your puff. Midge is a skint Lee Marvin brassy muvver of pearl feather flippin' in Shoreditch. Bird's got the Georgie Bests and right fancies stakin' the Arfur. Ol' Midge at the apple toff cheggars and pop can't drum enuff Becks and Posh from the kettle crank to pay 'er Burton-on-Trent, let alone 'er Jack and Jills when it gets bloomin’ taters.
Cor blimey, jeez mate! Maggie's the Brighamed tosser what works wif the Jimmy O'Goblin. She's a silly gilly mint at the number ten wiv plentya pie 'n mash. She's right quid, runnin' the Nelson eddies off up the apples and pear to Fakey Ned. Gobble o' lark, she gets barb wired of the six and eight Harry Tate when she's got the the plymouth argyle wif the baked bean. Mags gives Midge the Kornikova wif a cuppa rosy, dey take a penn'orth of chalk in the squitters. Bloody nora, as it 'appens, dey butchers! Dis 'eres a snide plonker totty dat danny trumpers and puts the brady's in the Keegan Wobble... Wots all dat den?"

Wif warmest regards,