Sunday, November 22, 2020

Fortress Party 2013, Part 5: Finnegan's Wake

Welcome to Finnegan's Wake, the most Guinness-soaked open-casket funeral this side of County Tipperary.

We borrowed this aluminum coffin from a friend of a friend. It had never been used (we think), but the owners kept it outside for years, so we had to clean it pretty aggressively to bring it into the house. Even though that was several weeks before Fortress Party, the overwhelming smell of Lysol was still pervasive on the night of the party. 

The dearly departed Tim Finnegan was buried with his Tulamore Dew and two bars of Irish Spring, just as he would have wanted.

The band was called Dublin Audio Force, an homage to Greg's real band at the time, Detroit Audio Force. 

The setlist was all Irish drinking songs, and the lyrics were projected on this monitor so guests could sing along. The songs all came from a cassette that someone had given me as a birthday present in high school. The singer's Irish brogue was so thick that we couldn't understand half the lyrics. Rather than look them up, we transliterated them then best we could, which led to lines like, "The parish church did clone me" and, "I wish I was in some gnome, some garden." 

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