Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Fortress Party 2013 Retrospective, Part 2: The Legend of Sleepy Challah

The Legend of Sleepy Challah featured the the Bar Mitzvah of the Headless Horseman (or rather... Hirschman.)  

As he read from the Torah from atop his trusty steed, sword in hand. the Headless Horseboy became a Headless Horseman. 

The father of the Bar Mitzvah boy is presumably beaming with pride, though it is hard to tell. Because he is also headless. 

We bought a case of custom-printed pumpkin-orange yarmulkes, which the first fifty guests got to wear throughout the night. Knowing this will make future Fortress Party 2013 pictures make more sense. 

Of course, there was a collage of the Bar Mitzvah boy, looking dapper with his fresh gourd head. 

And what is Bar Mitzvah without a party, and what's a Bar Mitzvah party without light-up dance floor? This amazing piece of tech was hand-made by Sean Murphy, and has reappeared in one form or another (although usually this form) in every subsequent Fortress Party. 

DJ Louis Dang pumped up the Bar Mitzvah partygoers all night long. Every now and then, the DJ would call a "Champagne Snowball."

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