Thursday, February 1, 2007

Didja Know / Doncha Know

Dear Friends, 

  If Billboard tracked the popularity of quirky French Murder Waltzes, Hard Taco would easily crack the top 20 with our new song, "Les Cavernes Perigord." Get ready to get your Le Freakon.

  For this month's Hard Taco Digest, I am presenting a charming new feature called, "Didja know? / Doncha know?" There's one DK/DK fact for every day of the month, so try to pace yourself.

Feb 1: Didja Know that if you lined up all the molecules in the human intestine side-by-side they would span the distance between two adjacent football fields Doncha Know

Feb 2. Didja Know that all of the salt in a 6 oz bag of popcorn could fill a bathtub the size of a mason jar in less time than it takes to fill a box of tissues with pennies Doncha Know

Feb 3. Didja Know that when they aired "I Love Lucy" in Japan, they renamed the show, "I will neglect a very popular problem" Doncha Know

Feb 4. Didja Know that Wilt Chamberlain reportedly consumed over 15,000 vitamin supplements? That averages out to nearly three vitamins a day since he was 14 years old Doncha Know

Feb 5. Didja Know that Nostradamus foresaw that the lower case letter "y" would be a ubiquitous prefix for popular websites and gadgets by the year 2010? He specifically mentions yBank, ySpools, and yYolk Doncha Know

Feb 6. Didja Know that Jeffrey Dahmer had a number of severe food allergies, including wheat, eggs, and most vegetables Doncha Know

Feb 7. Didja Know that the origin of the phrase "a feather in your cap?" It used to be customary to place a feather into one's cap in certain situations. The practice has been lost over time, but the phrase lives on, and is used in certain situations Doncha Know

Feb 8. Didja Know that there were actually 18 American flags planted on the moon? In this picture Neil Armstrong's caddy,  Buzz, is getting ready to lift one of them out of the ninth hole as Armstrong (not shown) prepares to attempt a 600-yard putt Doncha Know.


Feb 9. Didja Know that the dumbest criminal ever was a man in Pennsylvania who tried to hold up a grocery store, but his pants fell down around his ankles and he fell into a grocery cart that rolled into the parking lot and hit a passing police car Doncha Know?

Feb 10. Didja Know that the original basketball was made of burlap and stuffed with molasses Doncha Know?

Feb 11. Didja Know that I am sending several copies of this month's Hard Taco Digest to Bob Barker (, Tori Spelling (, and Danielle Steele mailto:awsomed@aol.comDoncha Know

Feb 12. Didja Know that in the World Chess Championship, players are allowed to "take back" a poorly conceived move after their opponent’s next turn, so long as they say, "Oh shoot, I didn't see that Doncha Know.

Feb 13. Didja Know that in Baton Rouge it is customary for a newly elected mayor to mount his opponent's right hand on a scepter and carry it with him to meetings Doncha Know

Feb 14. Didja Know that there are less than 3 Malaysian Ringitts to the Canadian Dollar today Doncha Know

Feb 15. Didja Know that the first article in the first issue of Reader's Digest was entitled, “Terrifying Stories of People who were Eaten by Man-Eating Sharks and Lived to Tell About it” Doncha Know

Feb 16. Didja Know that television actor Skeletor was actually born Rueben Morris Klinenburg Doncha Know?

Feb 17. Didja Know that an ant can carry 100 times it's body weight and a hummingbird can eat 50 times it's body weight, but you (a human) are already fat Doncha Know?

Feb 18. Didja Know that a woman in Europe bought a new car that had accidentally been filled with spider eggs by the manufacturer? Before the woman realized this, she had already driven over fifty miles and the spiders had all hatched and eaten her Doncha Know

Feb 19. Didja Know that in England, men point their umbrellas forwards instead of holding them upright or leaning them on their shoulders Doncha Know?

Feb 20. Didja Know that "The Far Side" was turned down for syndication over 100 times? Gary Larson noted that his success came later, when he stopped submitting as a sample an uncaptioned drawing of a gorilla masturbating Doncha Know

Feb 21. Didja Know that the term "Dude" was derived from "Yankee Doodle Dandy" Doncha Know

Feb 22. Didja Know that the world's oldest calendar is a bone with notches in it, dating back to 15,000 BC Doncha Know?

Feb 23. Didja Know that the world's second oldest calendar is a bone with notches in it and twelve pictures of adorable baby mammoths Doncha Know?

Feb 24. Didja Know that the Volkswagon Microbus is named after the Pygmy Mouse Lemur (Microbus myoxinus) whose shape and unsettling rattle the minivan emulate Doncha Know?

Feb 25. Didja Know that there was a controversial episode of Rainbow Brite that was never aired? In the episode, "Starlite Star Sprite", Murky and Lurky use the Super Gloom Machine to cause sadness all over Rainbowland and steal all of the Star Sprinkles and Color CrystalsDoncha Know

Feb 26. Didja Know that Evelyn Pierrepont was the only Duke of Kingston-upon-Hull to be appointed as Master of the Staghounds Doncha Know?

Feb 27. Didja Know that there are the same number of volcanoes in Pakistan (5) as there are planets in our solar system that are thought not to exist Doncha Know?

Feb 28. Didja Know that Starbucks Coffee uses over 40% of the steam imported into America Doncha Know