Thursday, August 1, 2002

Apparently a Travelogue of Some Sort

Dear friends,

  August has always been a month for new beginnings. For fresh faces and even fresher styles. And where are the freshest styles this August? No surprises here - it's Cajun country! Where else can you indulge in a spicy bowl of jambalaya shrimp and then "cool out" to the sounds of Creole jazz under a Bayou moon? When the sun goes down in New Orleans (Or Naw'lelns, as the natives call it) the nightlife heats up like a crawfish boil! We took a steamboat ride down to the mouth of the "Mighty Mississip" to bring you this special travel edition of Hard Taco Monthly.

  This month's song is entitled "Silent Movie," and although it is about as far from Cajun music as you can get, I'm sure you will enjoy it as much as a heaping plate of red beans and rice. No doubt, you could wrestle an alligator to it, although you would have to wrestle slowly.

  Thanks again for joining us on our jaunt down historic Bourbon Street!  We'll see you next month. And remember, when someone in Lousiana asks you for a "French Quarter," they're probably not talking about pocket change!

With warmest regards,