Monday, February 1, 2021

The Final-Ever-For-a-While Fortress Retrospective

Dear Friends,

This is 76th and (presumably) final Fortress Party retrospective blog. This has been magical and nostalgic in the best way, a biting reminder of how much I miss being with friends and family. I'm proud of all of the moments we created, and so grateful to the hundreds of people who contributed in ways great and small. 

I'm especially thankful for Lauren, who always manages to triumph at adulting without taking it too seriously. She is a joy magnet and a skyscraper of patience. She conquers planets and subverts pigeonholes, endures and thrives, sees wonder all around her, and appreciates special moments while they are happening. For years, her official Fortress Party title has been the Chief Tolerance Officer, but I prefer to call her the Fortress Buttress Mistress. 

And also, she rocks. In February's Hard Taco song, "Pretty Little Head," she once again proves herself to be whatever the female version of a heartthrob is. So dreamy! Enjoy the song, and these last few Fortress Party retrospectives. For now. 

Fortress Party 2018:

Fortress Party 2019:

Finally, here's a complete walk-through of Fortress Party 2019, with a few Easter eggs not seen in the previous installments. 

Will there be a Fortress Party 2020 Retrospective? There wasn't actually a party in 2020, was there? Or was there? Or WAS there? Or was THERE? 

With warmest regards,