Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Fortress Party 2018 Retrospective, Part 3: Geisha House and Clue

We had designed rooms around a specific kind of alcohol before. The Bloc Party was a vodka bar, Finnegan's Wake was all about Irish Whiskey, and the only drink at Box Party was boxed wine. 

In 2018, we had The Geisha House, and all of the drinks were based on sake. Ew.

As usual, we had a rotating cast of bartenders sharing the same oversized costume. 

Frankly, nobody likes sake, so Danielle, our resident mixologist, had her work cut out for her. Here is what she came up with. 

Geisha House - Sake Bar Menu 
Sake, Guernsey Egg Nog, five-spice

Ramen Back:
Shot of sake with a ramen broth chaser
Starting at 9pm
Shiso Mojito:
Sake, lime, fresh mint, shiso leaf, matcha tea, bubbles
Starting at 10 pm
Mount Fuji:
Sake, fresh apple cider, spiced vanilla vodka, citrus

Starting at 11 pm
Winter Rose:
Sake, peach, vodka, lemon, rose, ginger ale

We also served the best non-alc in Fortress Party history: bubble tea!

The bar was attached to the actual Geisha House. There was a two story pod hotel. Usually, there is only room for one person in a pod, but bubble tea brings people together. 

At the edge of this picture, you can see part of our Koi pond. It was a kiddie pool with fake water and rubber Koi in. It started out as a kiddie pool with real water and fake Koi but the structural integrity of the pool was dubious, and we had a flood a couple days before the party. So we cleaned it up and went with fake water.

The following signs were taped up all over the walls. Obviously, this is not original content, but I still laugh when I see these so I had to share. 

The interactive game this year was Clue. Guests were trying to solve the murder of John Doe or Jane Doe. 

They started by scanning the QR code in the middle of this cork board. Their  phone would then tell them to find (and scan) a perpetrator, a location, and a weapon. The weapons were all here in Ziploc bags. The perps were guests, wearing the appropriate the appropriate trucker hat (i.e. Colonel Mustard was wearing the yellow one.) And the locations were actual rooms in the fort. So to solve a murder, you had to go to at least one known place, and find one guest who was moving around. 

Once you successfully scanned the murderer, the room, and the weapon, you would be directed back to the Clue headquarters and told to find the sticker representing one specific murder victim, and stick it to their shirt.

The victims were all celebrity John and Jane Does. Seen here: Lithgow, Lennon, Stewart, Fonda, Goodall, Voight, Krasinski, Denver, Cusak, and possibly Wayne. It turns out, there are a lot more well-known Johns than Janes.

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