Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Fortress Party 2019 Retrospective, part 1 - Introduction

In 2019, the usual fortress party email invitation was replaced with demonic cheerleaders answering all the FAQs. It was a foreign film, obviously, so we needed subtitles.


We commissioned 25th Anniversary T-shirts from Long Lost Tees, which are still for sale on their website.


Some guests bought shirts, but clothes never look quite the same on real people as they do on the internet models. 

It truly takes a village to raise a fort, and I am deeply grateful to everyone who has put their hearts and minds into making Fortress Party such a disorienting experience for so many years. The list of helpers has grown every year, and in 2019, it filled four single-spaced pages. Gratitude bombs!

We always put out a suggestion box, but in 2019, making references to "next year" was was meant to be ironic.

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