Thursday, January 14, 2021

Fortress Party 2018 Retrospective Part 4: Slytherin Common Room

I don't have a lot of pictures from the Slytherin Common Room, but here is the important part. We put beautiful foam picture frames around TV screens, and showed videos of illustrious dead Slytherin headmasters and headmistresses carrying on with each other all night. 

Filming these was a delight. The actors sat on opposite sides of the room while we recorded them simultaneously. Every now and then we would hold up a piece of paper that said something like "Quidditch is rigged" or "Speak in Parseltongue," and these talented actors improvised the rest. And Scarlett spend the whole time trying not to laugh. 

There was a shelf full of Slytherin wands. Each one was labelled with it's owner and the makeup of the wand. (i.e. Horace Slughorn, 11.5", Balsa Wood with a core of Ogre Pubic Hair.)

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