Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Fortress Party 2018 Retrospective, Part 2: Dia De Los Muertos

Our house came with a generous supply of lacy curtains, none of which had any business being on our windows. They have been repurposed for Fortress Parties over the years, but never so well as for the altar in the Dia de los Muertos room. 

Here we found another use for the golden fiddle from the 2014's The Devil Went Up to Michigan

A few years prior, I had ordered something from Musician's Friend, and they sent me a free acoustic guitar as an add-on, but it arrived with a split neck. They replaced it, of course, but what were we to do with a hopelessly broken guitar? Paint it to look like a prop from Coco, of course. 

This painting of Saint Anthony was leftover from a Penny Seats production. With a little face paint, he fit right in. 

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